Top Five Reasons Why You Need to Replace Your Mattress

Unfortunately, not all things last forever. There will come a time that you have to let go of your possessions, no matter how valuable they are to you – for instance, your mattress.
Have you ever wonder the last time you replaced your bed or your mattress? Probably, not a lot of people are keen on replacing them since they are hidden under the sheets. But the truth of the matter is, you need to replace them, here are the reasons why.

  1. Not comfortable to sleep with

If you feel stiff and tired upon waking up, chances are your mattress is not supporting your body well enough. This might be a sign that you need to replace your old mattress and pick one that would suit your body type , your sleep position (side, stomach, back sleeper), and your body weight. Be keen on choosing the right material. You can visit to know the different types of mattress available.

  1. Not fit with your bed

There are mattress that shrinks due to different factors (climate, old age, etc). If you see that your mattress is not fitting well with your bed post, it is high time to get a new one. Be sure to get the exact measurements before buying a new one.

  1. Allergies during the night

More sneeze than snooze? Your mattress might be the culprit. Dust mites might be gathering under you bed and taking refuge on your mattress. Be sure to clean your mattress regularly.  But if the allergies persisted, consider buying a new one. This might save you from sleepless nights of snoozing and runny nose.

  1. Full of lumps and impressions

Lumps are signs that your mattress is already worn out and needs replacement.  Having lumps and body impressions in your bed means that your mattress is not supporting your body while asleep. Check your bed. Lie on it and feel if there are lumps or body impressions. If the impression is more 1.5 inches deep, call your sleep specialist and ask for a new one.

  1. Full of stains and tear

A lot of us have a habit of eating on bed. Sure, it is fun and comfy. But your mattress takes the brunt of spilled liquids and food debris. If you see that your mattress’ color is not that good to look at, scout for a new one. While at it, check out for tears and wears. There are times that screws and coils are already protruding on the bed and can cause cuts and accidents. When buying a new mattress, be sure to purchase a waterproof mattress protector to ensure that your bed is protected by any spilled liquid.

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