On Seeds for Integration

The project Seeds for Integration is based on a very simple idea. To learn more about the details of the project, keep on reading this page!

How to apply?

Application is very simple, you only have to keep 3 steps in mind. Check out this page if you want to hear more about it and then fill out the application form!

Ask a question

If you have a great idea but you are stuck with your application form. If you really want to participate but you don’t have an idea. If you just want to get in touch with us.

Student initiatives

Here you can learn more about the on-going projects that are already funded by Seeds for Integration. Do you feel inspired? You only have to apply!

Best practices

So many good projects are out there in the world that aim to enhance the educational inclusion of migrant and refugee students. You can find here a collection of some of them, have a look!

Tips and Tricks

To help you along the application process and later on when you are already implementing your initiative, we will share with you some tips and tricks. You can also contribute here by sending us an email, be assured we will publish your input!