5 Innovative Apps That You Can Use For Recruitment

Handling recruitment is not an easy job. In fact, recruitment personnel and human resources staff need all the help they can get to be able to supply the company a constant stream of candidates for pooling and for urgent positions. Most of the time, the number of applicants that go on interviews do not meet or exceed your expectations.
Given that circumstances, top recruitment agencies in UAE shared a list of mobile applications and programs they use to scout potential candidates and help improve their recruitment process. Here are some applications that you can use for your recruitment strategy:

  • LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn is known to be the hub of employers and job-seekers. The desktop version present a number of features that can help recruiters connect with the best candidates in their connection. With the mobile app version, you can maximize the same features that is available on the desktop. You can save prospective candidates on your Project folders and update you on the changes that these candidates made on their profiles.

  • Instajob

Think of this app as Instagram for recruiters. Instajob allows recruiters to take photos of their recruitment adds using their smartphone and share it in the network. One the main advantage of this recruitment app is that you can be as creative as possible when it comes to posting job vacancies. You can also share photos of your workplace and other screenshots related to your company to give applicants a better insight about your company.

  • Interview Assistant

If candidate interview is not your strong suit, then Interview Assistant will be your lifesaver. This application can help recruiters to prepare for interviews. You can use the apps’s 250 pre-set questions that you can ask potential candidates. You can also create your set of questions and track multiple interviews.

  • Switch

If you are a fan of Tinder, then you will definitely love this app. Switch is a recruitment app that allows applicants to swipe right their preferred job roles and vacancies. But the best thing about this application is the confidentiality feature for job seekers. Their current company will not be able to detect whether their employee is seeking employment through this app.

  • Blonk

If you are searching for applicants in different parts of the globe, then Blonk is the perfect app for you. This Tinder-style app can help match potential applicants to companies wherever part of the world they are located.
You could look here for more recruitment apps.

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