How to rock as a gent’s hair stylist

Starting a hair salon Dubai marina is not a big deal when you have money in your hand but to make it a successful business you need to have skills. Without skills you cannot impress your clients to ensure their revisit. If you think that you will hire good hair stylist to grow your business then you should know that if you do not know the basics of this work then you can never get the best results from your workers so you need to learn the basics before starting your gents’ salon JLT. Here are some of the basic things to know about it:
Staff: When you are opening a salon on a bigger level then you need to hire staff for your help. In start do not hire too much because there will be less income in the starting months but if you provide good quality work and unique styles then your business will grow and then you can hire more staff. At start get a stylist and a janitor to your team and tell then their work in detail. Your janitor should sweep all the hair and dust from the floor after every client’s hair cutting. It is necessary because if a client come to your salon and see hair on the floor then it will leave a bad impact on your hygiene level.
Reviews: You need to take the reviews of your customers in a way that you can show them to your next customers. It can be wither in the form of picture taking or filling a form which you may display at your counter. It will help a lot in growing your business. You can also make your own page on different social media platform and ask your customers to leave their feedback there so that other people can see that. Also you can start your own website where you post pictures and ask your customers to leave their feedback. But you should always make sure that take your client’s permission before you post their picture. Although gents don’t have any problem regarding their pictures being posted but still you need to ask them and if any of them refuse then you should not post that picture because it will break their trust on you and they will avoid coming back to you next time.

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