Here you can learn more about the on-going projects that are already funded by Seeds for Integration. Do you feel inspired?

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Projects funded in 2018 – 2019

Days of Diversity – MTG students and teachers take an active stand against racism (Germany)

In a three-day project organised by the SoR-SmC (School without Racism – School with Courage) team, which took place at Mons-Tabor-Gymnasium from 11 June until 13 June, the school community celebrated its cultural diversity and took an active stand against racial discrimination. Students, teachers as well as external facilitators offered more than 50 workshops, dealing with a variety of topics such as racism, racial prejudices, right-wing radicalism, hate speech, political asylum, civil courage or human dignity. All of these workshops raised awareness and gave the students ample opportunity to share their own experiences of prejudice and xenophobia with their peers and develop suitable strategies of how to face discrimination, hate speech and intolerance in and outside the school environment, empowering them to stand up for democratic values and human rights.

Projects funded in 2016 -2017

All Included: Toolkit for Migrant Student Empowerment is a collection of different project templates: this means that we gathered some of the good practices and projects that we financed in 2016 -2017 through Seeds for Integration and we put them together for you to take inspiration. Inspiration we say, that means that this is not a catalogue for you to pick a project and resubmit with copy-paste efforts! While reading through the different templates, remember that one size does not fit it all: you can find a project interesting, but never forget to re-adapt it to your context, organisation, means and possibilities.

At the appendix of this toolkit you will find also some tips and guidelines on how to run a project, from the writing phase to the management and the reporting. You can use these guidelines to adapt the project to your context and create a new version of a successful project.

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