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Projects funded in 2018 – 2019

Days of Diversity – MTG students and teachers take an active stand against racism (Germany)

In a three-day project organised by the SoR-SmC (School without Racism – School with Courage) team, which took place at Mons-Tabor-Gymnasium from 11 June until 13 June, the school community celebrated its cultural diversity and took an active stand against racial discrimination. Students, teachers as well as external facilitators offered more than 50 workshops, dealing with a variety of topics such as racism, racial prejudices, right-wing radicalism, hate speech, political asylum, civil courage or human dignity. All of these workshops raised awareness and gave the students ample opportunity to share their own experiences of prejudice and xenophobia with their peers and develop suitable strategies of how to face discrimination, hate speech and intolerance in and outside the school environment, empowering them to stand up for democratic values and human rights.

Projects funded in 2016 – 2017 

Projects from our Member, Candidate and Affiliate Organisations

Stand Up for Equality by ŠUS (Slovakia)

Through the initiative “Stand Up for Equality” the idea was to reach active high-school students, who do not have the space and opportunity to discuss issues related to migration. ŠUS organised a training for multipliers where secondary school students studying in Slovakia were invited to learn more about migration, they had the chance to meet new inspiring young people and improve their communication skills. After the training course all participants became multipliers, as such when going back home they can  share their newly acquired skills and information on migration with friends, classmates and parents.

Tools for Inclusive Schools by ISSU (Ireland)

ISSU organised an event in Dublin to celebrate International Student’s Day (17th November) with a special focus on the integration of migrants and refugees in secondary schools in Ireland. The event was called “ISSU’s Tools for Inclusive Schools” and it brought together over 60 students from a diverse range of backgrounds from schools all over the country. Throughout the day there were series of workshops with guest speakers. The event culminated in the production of the Student’s Charter for Inclusive Schools which was developed by the participants using the competences they have gained during the day. The contribution of students with migration experience was integral to the process and would not have been possible without their profound knowledge and expertise. On the 22nd of March 2017 – in the framework of an official launch event – the Charter was presented to policy-makers. In the future the document will serve as a key tool to addressing integration issues in schools across the country.

Study Session in Ceuta by CANAE (Spain)

CANAE is organising a “Study Session” for students selected from different regions of Spain (Peninsular) with students from Ceuta and Melilla. The objective of the activity is to draft a document proposing a set of good practices of coexistence in Ceuta and Melilla that will later be presented to the Education Commission of the Congress of Deputies, to all the Parties and the Ministry of Education. The Study Session will take place in Ceuta on the 31 March – 2 April, 2017.

We go together by ESCU (Estonia)

In order to strengthen and improve the relationship between Estonian and Russian students living in Estonia, in the framework of the initiative „We go together”, ESCU organised a one week-long exchange program involving 10-10 students. At the end of the week there was space to share the experiences in the framework of a Winter Camp as a closing event.

Medium-scale projects

Sicilia Migrante by Rete degli Studenti Medi Sicily (Italy)

In the framework of the initiative Sicilia Migrante”, Rete Sicily is creating a documentary about migrants and asylum seekers’ life and integration process in Sicily. Starting from their arrival into Reception Centers, the documentary will focus on what kind of rights immigrants have or do not have.  Also the issue of the efficiency of Italian inclusion programs is tackled. Special attention will be dedicated to the situation inside the secondary schools, how migrant students stay in the school and what kind of services are enhancing their integration process into the Italian educational structures. 

Welcome home, friend! by schools in Fier County (Albania)

“Welcome home, friend!” is a youth initiative that aims to raise awareness on the necessity to re-integrate high school students who have recently had a refugee/migrant experience. This initiative is a collaboration between two high schools in south-west of Albania, “Jakov Xoxa” in Fier and “Miti Zoi Zaka” in Divjake. As part of the project, two main activities will be organized: “A Human Library” event and the “Friendship Zone” exhibition. In addition, students from both schools will participate in an excursion/workshop, where they can better understand and debate the topic of diversity through informal education activities.

Small-scale projects

Integrative Football Tournament by BSV Hagen (Germany)

In the framework of the “Integrative Football Tournament” the secondary school of BSV Hagen organised a football competition for refugee and local students. The idea of the project came from the general observation that sport unites people regardless to their cultural background or the language they speak. The teams were mixed (refugee and local students played together) to strengthen tolerance between the participants and forge intercultural friendships. The tournament attracted 123 students and was a major success.

Forum Theater by Gdynia Bilingual High School No 3 (Poland)

In contrast to traditional theater, in a “Forum Theater” a spectator is also the actor at the same time (“spec-actor”). Both the spec-actor in the “role-coat” of the victim and the one embodying the “perpetrator” has a better understanding on what have caused their confrontation while experiencing real emotions. In the framework of their local initiative, the students of the Polish Gdynia High School are organizing two activities: 1) a web forum:  a live and on-line streamed interactive, global, open-to-all forum theater  2) a multilingual, digital and freely licensed forum theater handbook  for teachers but also  for students who animate forum theater workshops for peers. 

Talking about Europe: Refugees by IES Student Union of Consuelo Aranda (Spain)

The student union of Consuelo Aranda organised a one-week long photo exhibition “Talking about Europe: Refugees” to showcase the issues refugees have to face from the moment they cross the borders until they start their integration to the host society. As part of the initiative an open debate was organised with representatives of “Firemen in Action”, an organisation working with migrants and refugees in the region.