Common Household Pests and How to Get Rid of Them

They’re ubiquitous. You can see them in the air, on your carpet at the living room, in your bed, in your garden, and everywhere else. These little invaders we are talking about are pests such as dust mites, cockroaches, mosquitoes, fleas, and ants. Yes, we know that there are effective pest control products readily available in the market. But do we also know that these pesticides may be harmful for your family and pets. If you don’t want to take a risk using pesticides with potent chemical compounds, you may want to go natural. We have made a list of all-natural, non-toxic ways to help you control the pests at home.
Natural Pest Control Remedies for Ants

  • Get a small spray bottle and fill it with a mixture of water and soap. Make it handy and spray it as needed to the areas where you want this pest to be controlled.
  • Did you know that ants have a natural aversion to cucumbers? Just put cucumber slices in your kitchen or at the ants’ entry point. This works best with bitter cucumbers.
  • Another option is placing min tea bags, an effective ant deterrent, to areas where ants are most active.

Natural Pest Control Remedies for Dust Mites

  • Dust mites are common in mattresses and pillows. The most common way to eliminate them is with the help of vacuums. You may also want to wash your bedding at 55 degrees Celsius (130F). The temperature is vital because most commercial detergents cannot eliminate dust mites unless the water temperature is high.

Natural Pest Control Remedies for Mosquitoes

  • Marigolds are a natural bug repellent. The flower of the said plant produces a type of fragrance which bugs, including mosquitoes, do not like. Plant it in your yard or even inside your home and make your place mosquito-free.

Natural Pest Control Remedies for Cockroaches

  • Cockroaches naturally hate catnips because of its active, non-toxic ingredient called nepetalactone. To control cockroaches, just put a small sachet of catnip. Another option is to create a mixture of water and catnip handy. Spray it on areas of cockroach activities.

There are many other ways to eliminate numerous types of pests using natural ways. But if your pest control problem cannot be solved easily by the above mentioned remedies, you may need to contact the professionals in pest control in Abu Dhabi. Let us provide you with maid services in Abu Dhabi. Our staff is reliable and prepared to meet and even exceed your expectations.

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