Depending on what is your plan and level of activity, you can apply for a Seeds for Integration grant under three possible pillars:



Call for Applications – Pillar 1

Application Form – Pillar 1 (directly from this webpage – see below)

Deadline: on a rolling basis

Criteria for evaluation 


Small scale grants (up to 1.000 euros)
✓ All members of the team should attend the same secondary level school or proposed initiative has to be a collaborative activity between 2 or more schools.
✓ The initiative has to have a local or regional impact.

Large scale grants (up to 4.000 euros)
✓ The application has to be submitted by an OBESSU Member, Candidate or Affiliate Organisation.
✓ The proposed initiative has to be implemented on a national level.


Are you an OBESSU Member, Candidate or Affiliate organisation? You know what is “Seeds for integration” project about and you want to help us implement it? If you replied yes to both questions then you are eligible to participate in the second pillar of our project. The main idea of this part of the project is to do the promotion so that even students living in rural areas and small towns in your country know what is our project about and use the opportunities it is offering. Your tasks would be to motivate them to apply and to help them in the application process for pillar 1. Organizing project management training, online consultations or helping your friends with the translation are some of the ideas. You can decide about the project activities and we will support you with the grant of up to 7500 Euros.


Are you a secondary school student organisation (formal or non-formal / working on local, regional or national level) and you want to improve the position of refugee and migrant students in your country? You have a partner organisation that shares your intentions and values but they work with university students? That is precisely what we are looking for pillar 3 of our project – partnership projects between secondary school and university students. For this part of the project OBESSU is collaborating with the European Students Union, an umbrella organisation of 45 National Unions of Students from 39 countries. You have all the freedom while designing the project but please keep in the mind that the maximum grant is 10.000 Euros.

We will treat your information with respect. Seeds for Integration programme is ruled under OBESSU privacy policy. For more information please visit OBESSU website.

Our server can be very slow sometimes. When you click save/submit button please wait around 15 minutes and you will receive a confirmation email. If you don’t receive it please let us know so we can check 🙂