On Seeds for Integration

The project Seeds for Integration is based on a very simple idea. To learn more about the details of the project, keep on reading this page!

We provide funding to secondary school students who care about building an inclusive school environment or national education system for all regardless to ethnicity, nationality, country of origin, or mother tongue.

Sounds good?

All you have to do is identify an issue that migrant and refugee students might face in your local, regional or national context and come up with a great idea that can help find a durable solution to the problem.

All sfi_ideasare welcome that aim:

  1. To encourage secondary school students to discuss the situation of refugee and migrant children in Europe on a local, regional and national level.
  2. To raise awareness to the issues refugee and migrant pupils might encounter within the school or the education system.
  3. To build an inclusive school environment where every student feels at home regardless to their race, nationality, country of origin, or mother tongue.
  4. To create possibilities for students with migrant background to share their stories with the school community.
  5. To build closer ties between the communities migrant students are coming from and the school community.


What can we offer you?

OBESSU provides small, medium and large-scale funding for initiatives implemented by general and vocational secondary school students on local, regional and national levels.


On a local level, groups of students who are studying in the same secondary school can apply for a small scale grant of maximum 500 Euros.

On a regional level, project teams composed of students from different secondary schools or regional school student unions can apply for a medium scale grant of maximum 1000 Euros.

On a national level, OBESSU Member, Candidate and Affiliate Organisations can apply for a large scale grant of maximum 2500 Euros.

There are no restrictions on the type of expenses the grant may be used for provided the expenses are directly related to and necessary for the implementation of the submitted initiative proposal.

 sfi_initiatives that you could organise:

  • What about an awareness raising activity such as a debate, workshop, conference?
  • Maybe an event promoting cultural diversity?
  • Possibly a campaign or advocacy activity targeting local, regional or national policy-makers?
  • An educational activity or a community building event sounds also great!

…this is really just to kick start the brainstorming. When it comes to ideas, the sky is the limit!

Who can participate?

  • To apply you have to be a secondary school student studying in a European country.
  • Your team has to have at least 3 members, with a person who will be in charge of the communication with OBESSU – with at least medium level English language knowledge.
  • You have to have a bank account (student union bank account or a bank account of an individual over 18 contractually representing the group throughout the implementation of the initiative)


Special eligibility criteria

Small scale grants

  • All members of the team should attend the same secondary level school.
  • The initiative has to have a local impact.

Medium scale grants

  • The proposed initiative has to be a collaborative activity between 2 or more schools.
  • The initiative has to have a regional impact.

Large scale grants

  • The application has to be submitted by an OBESSU Member, Candidate or Affiliate Organisation.
  • The proposed initiative has to be implemented on a national level or has to show the potential to have a multiplier effect.


How can you apply?

You can learn more about this on the ‘How to apply’ page. Read carefully the application guideline and  fill out the


Here you can download the Call for Initiatives: Call for initiatives – Seeds for Integration

Deadline for application is: 5th June!